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Research & Development

Research and Development is essential for BASALTEX nv. Our goals are to excel in knowledge on basalt products and keep successfully developing innovate products for our customers.
We have our own laboratory, but also collaborate with internationally authoritative research institutes in the field of Basalt fibers and independent testing organizations. 
We possess the know-how to follow up on your project, from the design phase, over the prototyping step, to the scaling-up for market introduction.

Our company relies on the profound experience of more than 100 years of fabrics finishing, assisted by state-of-the-art process technology, applied to a range of activities such as yarns preparation, weaving, and the fabrication of products from straightforward treated & coated fabrics to complex laminated structures.

In the BASALTEX laboratory, the products are submitted to relevant norms such as:

  • prEN 1364-1 dd. 1998 / ASTM E 119-98: flame and mechanical integrity > 2 hrs
  • BS 6807 : 1996 Section 2 CRIB 7: resistance to ignition with source 7, located on top AND under the sample under test.
  • BS EN 597 - 1 : 1995: resistance to smouldering cigarette
  • BS EN 597 - 2 : 1995: resistance to match flame
  • FAR 25.853: individual materials flame retardant (Air transport)
  • NF P92-504 - 1995 : M1 flame retardant
  • DIN 4102 Part 12: fire resistance improvement
  • NF F16-101 (1988), NF X10-702-1 (1995): smoke density - and NF X70-100 (1986): smoke toxicity
  • BS 5690: 1991: MARTINDALE abrasion test

The information contained on these pages correspond to our current knowledge on the subject. It is offered solely to provide possible suggestions for your own experimentation. It is not intended, however, to substitute for any testing you may need to conduct to determine for yourself the suitability of our products for your particular purposes. This information may be subject to revision as new knowledge and experience becomes available. Since we cannot anticipate all variations in actual end-use conditions, BASALTEX nv makes no warranties and assumes no liability in connection with any use of this information. Nothing in this publication is to be considered as a license to operate or a recommendation to infringe any patent right. It is the responsibility of those wishing to sell items made from or embodying the products to inform the user of the properties of the products and the purposes for which they may be suitable, together with all precautionary measures required in handling those products.