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Environment & Safety

The mineral fibers of basalt are natural, safe, easy to use in both process as recycling stage.

BCF fibers consisting of filaments, continuously extruded from the high temperature melt of carefully selected basalt stones with a diameter of 9 µm and higher, are well above the limit of 5 µm for respirability ( cannot be inhaled and deposited in the lungs). BCF filaments, which cannot split longitudinally, are safe for the health. They can perfectly replace asbestos. The base basalt material is natural and cannot give off toxic gases. Basalt fibers & fabrics are labelled as safe according to both the US and the European occupational safety guidelines.

In basalt fiber production, no additives are added to the melt. This is in contrast with glass fiber production. Basalt products are 100 % natural.

Basalt continuous fibers have a melting temperature higher than that of the flame, which allows separation of the composite constitutions by fire at the recycling stage (e.g. in automotive industry,…) There is no disposal issue at the recycling stage after separation, being a natural product.

Safety Data Sheet : 

            SDS basalt fabric